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About Moi



I'm Amy

I'm a midwest unschool mom, a quilter, crocheter, and nutritionist, and I'm obsessed with helping other women reclaim their health, create beautiful things with their hands, and reconnect with their Inner Wild.

But here's the catch: I don't take any of it that seriously! My toxic trait is that I think leveling-up your health and creativity should be fun, not a chore.

The internet is chock-full of influencers telling you that you need to do elimination diets, manifestation rituals, and a bunch of other pious cray-cray stuff all in the name of "healing yourself."


Here's the deal: you were never broken. You just need some time to PLAY to reconnect with your primal self: the person you were before you had to be part of society (ugh).

I give you permission to be a little unhinged: to dance and sing and make art that looks like Lisa Frank threw up in your house. Healing your Inner Wild isn't a journey that makes you more of an adult, it's a process of learning to give fewer f*cks so you can let your spirit SPARKLE.

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A small town Southern girl with big dreams

It should have been obvious growing up that I'd end up designing my own career.


As a kid, I'd spend hours looking through the JCPenny catalog, mentally decorating my room and designing cute swimsuits. I was always a "head in the clouds" child who would rather read or make art than play with other kids.

And any time someone told me I couldn't do something, I'd do it anyway just to prove a point (oldest kids, amiright?).

If I could tell that little girl one thing, it would be this: Keep chasing your dreams. They all add up to a really beautiful life where you get to do what you love every single day.

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