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Top Three Reasons You Don't Like Your Scrap Quilts (and what to do about it)

Updated: 5 days ago

Have you ever finished a quilt and wondered why if didn't look like it did in the picture? Because #girlsame

You cut up your favorite fabrics, follow the directions perfectly, and it still looks amateur-ish. That's frustrating!

One day, I got so overwhelmed by all of my supplies that I donated every bit of fabric (and yarn!) that I didn't absolutely adore.

What I was left with was pure MAGIC. All of a sudden, I LOVED every quilt I made, because I was no longer trying to "use up" ugly fabric.

Overnight, my "style" was born. The craziest thing happened after the mass exodus of fabric: I also quit buying new sewing supplies. I realized that, even after donating 90% of it, I still had enough to last at least three years.

And when I'm at a quilt shop? I'm not even a little bit tempted by things that aren't my "style." I don't shop for certain designers, I just look for the colors and art style that I know I'll use and love. Gone are the days of massive fabric hauls, only to donate half of it later when I realize I won't use it.

As I was looking back over old quilts, I realized the ones I loved had three things on common, and the ones I didn't like were missing these things.

  1. You base your buying decisions on what you see on social media. This seems obvious, but how many times have you scrolled Instagram and want EVERYTHING you see? Each designer or influencer has their own cohesive style, and the resonance of it pulls you in, and you think "oh yes, I want to be just like him/her." Then you see the next cohesive brand, and think the same thing. When you go to buy fabric, you aren't focused on what YOU want because your mind is full of the content you've seen on social media.

  2. Your color palette is all over the place. Another one I'm guilty of. I would buy all the seasonal, juvenile, neutrals, farmhouse, batiks, and try to use them ALL in the same quilt and call it "scrappy." Now, I stick to a very limited color palette, and my scrappy quilts are always Insta-worthy! Making a scrap quilt is like making fridge-cleanout soup: you don't put EVERYTHING in it. You wouldn't put chocolate cake in your soup, right? NO! Same goes with fabric. Be very conscious of what you leave out!

  3. You are cutting your fabrics too small or too big. Again, been there, done that! A general rule with making scrap quilts (or any quilts for that matter) is to use a pattern that honors the size of the pattern repeat. So that means if it's a small print, you can cut it into small pieces. But those big, juicy prints? They need to be bigger pieces! My general rule is to not cut prints smaller than 2.5" or bigger than 6.5" for my scrap quilts. This gives all my medium- and large-sized prints room to shine!

Are you looking for a pattern that was written JUST for scrap lovers? Check out these super-scrappy patterns!


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