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15 Ways To Lay Out Half Square Triangle Blocks

In the last post, we made HST units by combining our scraps and some pre-cut 5" squares (click here to read that if you missed it!). It feels so good to use up all the teeny tiny scraps and turn them into something useful...but now what?

Now we turn those half square triangles (HSTs for short) into a finished quilt!

There are soooooo many ways you can lay out your HST blocks. I'm pretty sure I spent two whole days playing with the layouts! If there was a way to make a living just playing with HSTs, I'd be all over it.

In the end, I went with an up/down flying geese layout arranged in a gradient. It was a great way to maintain the integrity of the gradient while encouraging the eye to move around the quilt organically.

Your HSTs probably look very different than mine, and you might want to use a different that case scroll all the way to the bottom to get a cheat sheet with 15 ways you can arrange your HSTs!

While we're here, can we just take a hot second to talk about those fabrics? When I accepted the ambassador position with Benartex, I told them no way would ever I use solids. But then these Cotton Shots showed up on my porch and I was like "hold on a hot second!" They're a perfect basic if you want something that looks like a solid, but has enough texture to not be a total snoozefest. And let's face it, you can make anything look good if you put it in a gradient!

Also....check out the new design wall I made! It's HUGE! I think it ended up at 104x96 inches, and lemma tell ya, I'm so excited to have that much design space! Click the play button below to check it out!

Thanks for sewing along, and don't forget to tag me on Instagram when you get your scrap stash cleaned out!

Stay magical, my beautiful friends!


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