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I'm Amy, a small-town unschool mama, quilter, crocheter, and cheerleader for women who want to quit following the rules and create with their soul.

Also, I'm pretty into fantasy novels, health food (but not all the health food, because cookies = life), and living my best introvert life on our little farm. Obsessed with handmade mugs, houseplants, and hiking.

I've been crocheting since I was a little girl, and I started quilting when I was a new mom fighting postpartum depression. Both crafts provided a sense of calm & expansion that helped me heal and grow as a human.

New mom who didn't realize that it isn't normal to be this depressed after having a baby.


Teen angst Amy who just wanted to live life on her own terms. BTW, I still listen to Evansecence and wear black...but I'm a lot healthier!

Looking back, it should have been pretty obvious I was going to end up in the design industry. I'd spend HOURS pouring over the JCPenny catalog, studying shape + color (and secretly lamenting my wardrobe from our small-town Walmart). I collected Barbie clothes like they were priceless treasures, and hoarded hand-me-down home decor magazines, dreaming of the day I could design beautiful things of my own.

If I could tell that little girl one thing, it would be this: don't let anyone tell you what you "should" do, or that smart girls don't become artists. It turns out that the things you're passionate about will end up being your career. Make bold choices, and don't apologize for them.

1703791316389-10b8d084-2523-48d8-ad27-898c1bf47905_ (1)_edited.jpg

30 year old me at the beach with my tiny mermaid

Got a cute haircut, and decided to let go of all the baggage I'd held about how I showed up in the world...including my company name!

When I turned 30, life played a very cruel prank. Just as I was getting the depression under control, I was hit with a mystery illness that would take nearly two years to diagnose. I made a promise to myself that if I lived through it, I would chase my dreams with fervor and never make myself small again.

I make it a priority to keep that promise every. single. day.

I finished a nutrition degree in 2021 so I could be in charge of my own health (learning while in so much pain was the hardest thing I've ever done). As I healed I also learned to write quilt patterns. In 2023, I officially opened my first creative business: Happy Hippie Studio.

At the end of 2023, I started getting frustrated with my business. I am not always a Happy Hippie, and it's exhausting trying to show up as one all the time! Sometimes, I'm a hot mess mom who lives in black leggings and accidentally says swear words on Instagram. And I wanted the world to connect with that version of me, not the version that was trying so hard to be a happy hippie; so I mindfully rebranded to a company that's "just" my name. Now, I can connect with the creative community as the person I am, not the person I wish I was. 


My early creative projects weren't designed to be beautiful. They were just a way to connect my mind and body. As I worked, I'd think of the generations of women who came before, that made clothes and blankets for their families. Honoring their work made me feel like I was part of something bigger than myself, and anchored my place in history. 

Here's a brief slideshow of my transition from "just a mom who sews" to a creative business owner.

Warning: some of these photos are cringe-worthy!

Rustic Lace crocheted tablecloth (2016)

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