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If you've ever looked at a quilt design and thought that's a nice starting point, but it just isn't methen you're in the right place. 

If you value authenticity over perfection, then grab one of my scrap-friendly patterns and your favorite fabrics, because we are about to stitch up some magic.


Amy Lollis of Amy Lollis Design Co.
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And I'm so glad you're here!

I am a quilter, crochet-er (is that even a word?), pattern writer, color addict, and gluten-free dessert aficionado. I love mushroom coffee and the color pink (but don't worry, I won't hold a grudge if you don't love coffee and the color pink!). 

I'm so stoked to have you in the quilting community. I believe that when we create, we carry on the traditions of women who came before, and pave the way for those who will come after. It's an incredible privilege to be able to leave our mark on the world by creating things that are both useful and beautiful!

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